Erin and Ashley, Co-founders of Country Zen Yoga, are sisters and long-time business partners who share the same curiosity and love for yoga. Beloved teachers originally drawn to the strong and graceful style of Vinyasa Yoga, they thrive off of sharing their passion with others. As life-long residents of Schomberg, Ontario, Erin and Ashley opened Country Zen in their quaint village community, March of 2012.

Forever students, together the girls have thousands of teaching hours under their belt and have studied with world-renowned teachers. Most recently, Erin spent time with Judith Lasater learning her Restorative methods. Erin's journey to Goa, India in January 2014 found her practicing under the guidance of Certified Ashtanga Teacher Mark Darby. Erin and Ashley continue to study with San Fransisco-based teacher Annie Carpenter in the method of SMARTflow Yoga.

Both Erin and Ashley nourish a community of warm, supportive and positive souls. Students receive purposeful Vinyasa classes filled with functional alignment, intention and emphasis on the breath. Restorative classes emphasize deep rest and therapeutics.




As an avid fitness and health enthusiast Victoria began her journey at a young age when she began dancing. Movement and the body's capabilities have always been motivators in Victoria's path to progress forward and expand her expertise in the field.She graduated Fitness and Health Promotion in June 2012 where she broadened her diploma and received CSEP CPT Trainers Certificate. Victoria embraces her next journey as she studies yoga under Annie Carpenter in Los Angeles for the first 100 hours of SmartFlow YTT, July 2015.

Victoria leads Strength Training classes at Country Zen and is Owner of Body Artist Fitness in Vaughan, ON, where she provides training to individuals looking to benefit and push themselves past barriers, striving for positive progress. Her passion allows her to welcome individuals into a comfortable training style. Victoria truly believes in creating a fun, motivational atmosphere suitable for all fitness levels.






As an avid yoga practitioner and educator for over 10 years, Jessica decided to share her experience and deepen her knowledge through teaching yoga in 2012. Jessica began teaching Vinyasa yoga and has since explored teaching other styles such as Power, Restorative, Gentle and Yoga for Children, Youth and Teens. In 2014, Jessica spent time with Master Restorative Teacher Judith Lasater and brings this knowledge to her classes at Country Zen. In her classes, you will always find an intention-led practice interwoven with movement, and connection.

Upon becoming pregnant in late 2012, Jessica began her journey into Prenatal yoga and its benefits for pregnancy, labor and delivery and post-natal health, studying Prenatal at the Yoga Sanctuary with Cynthia Funk. After the birth of her son, her primary goal became sharing the benefits of prenatal yoga with other expectant mothers.

Jessica is the co-founder of The Yoga Project, a yoga company that aims to normalize yoga and mindfulness in schools.



RYT-200, C.Y.C., DOULA

Infused with intention and grace, Ali's classes offer opportunity to come home to your center, connect with your breath and choose how to walk into the world.

Always having believed there was more to life than what was in front of her, Ali sought out yoga at a young age. The direct hit to her heart, the sensation of movement with breath and the ability to truly feel at home in her body offered a safe and supportive space for her to navigate her journey.

Having had this experience for herself she knew that it was to be part of what she offered for others. As a natural born nurturer Ali holds sacred space for students to explore and meet themselves again and again on the mat.

Her teachings are based in Yin, Restorative, Hatha and Prenatal Yoga, where she honors the practice in a way that allows her students to practice free from any responsibilities other than being who they, as they are - in that moment. It is from this place that we soften to our souls presence. Through mindful movement, the focus of each class is establishing intuitive connection to the Self.

Ali is passionate about the transformational shift that a dedicated practice has to offer and deeply respects the power it has to bring joy, peace and deep healing.





Vanessa’s personal yoga practice is an integral part of her life that continuously offers her sheer joy and fascination. She is a certified Rainbow Kids Yoga teacher, has earned her Masters of Science in Education, Special Education Part 1, and is an Elementary Health and Physical Education Specialist, through the Ontario College of Teachers.

While teaching Phys. Ed., to students K-8, Vanessa incorporated yoga and mindfulness activities into all aspects of her elementary program. The overwhelmingly positive response from students inspired her to want to reach even more youth; so that countless may have the opportunity to experience all of the remarkable physical and mental benefits that yoga promotes and fosters. Vanessa’s aim is to spark an interest in yoga, to equip students with the tools to discover their inner potential, be their best selves, as well as embrace everyday…all while respecting themselves and the world around them.

Vanessa is the co-founder of The Yoga Project, a yoga company that aims to normalize yoga and mindfulness in schools across Ontario.





Known for her ever present, supportive smile and love of rainy days, Kellie's classes create an encouraging space where students can let go, receive the pose and dive deeper uncovering more of themselves. Kellie believes that yoga poses are symbolic for life and how we live. You can accept and open or you can resist and harden. With regular practice and mindful breath you can begin to shift your life and the environment you live in transforming your world into what you truly dream it to be.

Kellie's style of yoga is vinyasa flow. Her classes are an eclectic fusion with emphasis on strengthening, engaging the core and deep, purposeful breath.



RYT-200, B.B.A

Bev completed her RYT-200 Hatha based training in July 2013 through Ananda Studios Inc. with the goal of sharing yoga with her local community and creating a safe space for students to learn, explore and have fun in their practice.

She offers a strong, transition based practice that unfolds creatively moment to moment, and helps students learn to be fully awake in that moment using tools like an anchoring breath and sensation awareness.

Bev strongly believes that each individual comes to the mat with a unique purpose and personal intention, and therefore should be empowered to move in their own unique way. By encouraging students to move in a way that serves and honors their body, they are ultimately lead back to themselves and leave class feeling empowered, grounded, healthy, wise, humbled, and awake.